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Chennai Metro starts test running

星期四, 21 11月 2013

MTC supplier of the rubber metal components for CHENNAI METRO (INDIA)

Chennai Metro starts test running. ALSTOM is the constructor of the 42 Metros that have been produced in ALSTOM BRAZIL. MTC has been the supplier of the rubber metal components of the bogies.

The rubber metal parts have been produced in MTC Spain for the first 24 trains and the pending 18 will be produced in MTC India Polymer Products.

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MTC has been awarded with a new contract of a complete subsystem for the new locomotives of ALSTOM for Kazakhstan.

The new subsystem composed by the latest design of special bushings developped for the use at extreme temperatures has already been approved by ALSTOM.

MTC increases it's turnover in the production of susbsystems for the Railway Sector as part of it's strategy for the future years.

MTC shows in the same way it's experience and knowledge in the development of rubber mixes for extreme low temperatures till -50º Celsius.


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R+D -RUBBER for Low Temperature

星期四, 14 3月 2013

MTC continues developing different rubber mixtures for use in environments with extreme weather conditions.


The latest developments in special rubber for low temperatures (- 50 ° C) have been approved for projects in Kazakhstan Alstom, CAF in Stockholm and Talgo in Russia.


With this technological evolution MTC is able to satisfy the needs of its customers for operations in countries with extreme weather conditions and consolidate its leadership position in new global markets.


MTC’s continuous research and development activities focus on supporting customers to achieve production with higher capacities and efficiency.

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